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Service Philosophy
Hitevision Intelligent comprehensively improves various service ideas on the basis of traditional “system design - equipment supply - implementation service” one-stop mode by adhering to precious experience in intelligent audiovisual industry for over 18 years.
1. Consultation on system design
Hitevision Intelligent converts system design from traditional simple design method of system configuration based on user demand to professional consultant to help users to lead and arrange demand on the basis of bountiful experience and high-quality professional team to show professional innovation and practical spirit in maximization on the basis of meeting related specification.
2. Core resource partnership
Hitevision Intelligent has accumulated large amount of relationship with worldwide top equipment supplier with powerful market influence; however, in the future, only simple equipment supply and integration cannot meet the application and service demand of clients. Overall design, innovative design, environmental and decoration design, weak current and audiovisual design, project management and content provision has become key element of project success. These key factors and equipment supply resource are called core resources as a whole and we shall focus on construction of core resource partner to guarantee that we can provide all-round service experience with high effective and quality to users.
3. Standard implementation service
Hitevision Intelligent has passed ISO9001 quality standard in the industry in 2003; in addition, it continuously summarizes and promotes own management level of implementation service during the practice of serving many top users worldwide. Therefore, meeting the basic demand of users and passing user’s acceptance is not the only purpose; instead, we hope that we can create implementation service standard recognized by the industry and user with own project management and implementation experience. Our users can get the highest level of service experience through standard service.
Following contents are expanded in our implementation service on the basis of traditional intelligent audiovisual system installation, commissioning and after-sales service:
A. Software customization service
Hitevision Intelligent software development team has powerful software development capacity which combines automatic office management, financial management, logistics management, reception and demonstration system in intelligent building with intelligent audiovisual system perfectly to meet all-round demand of clients.
B. Content making and management service
Completely new content making and management service is the highly customized service confronting users. It shall focus on collection, arrangement, beautification, optimization, issuing and management of various types of demand information of clients.
C. Highly customized and all-round training service
Conduct horizontal and vertical classification for user and formulate specific training plan with different contents and depths; in addition, describe related examination process formulated by users so that users can effectively and independently operate the system.
D. All-day network after-sales service
Nationwide 7*24H network after-sales service shall provide rapid, reliable and comprehensive system operation safeguard for users.
Localization construction of spare parts, steward-type on-site service and regular client revisit comprehensively show sincerity and consideration of Hitevision Intelligent for users.