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HVS launched a new generation of embedded recorded broadcast system--HVS smart campus black technology revealing series (Three)
As the recorded broadcast market grows vigorously, HVS launched blockbuster products once again! As an important form of recorded broadcast products, embedded type, with its light weight, low energy consumption, immunity to virus and other characteristics, finds favor in customers' eyes. As the "old hand" of recorded broadcast, HVS concerns about people in the whole world, taking on itself in meeting the needs of customers and specially launching a new generation of "Hitevision" embedded recorded broadcast system. 
The four reasons for choosing HVS embedded recorded broadcast 
First, it's amazing! Brain with powerful operational capability 
The new generation of HVS embedded recorded broadcast uses HiSilicon 3531A with powerful operational capability lately launched by HUAWEI as the main chip, breaking through the important technical fortress in embedded recorded broadcast. As we all know, HiSilicon 3531A is the top-level chip in the industry for video H.264 coding and decoding processor, and is widely used in the design of DVR, NVR and other video recording equipment. Combining its independent hardware and software technology, HVS will fully dig the performance of the chip to enable the video processing performance of HVS embedded recorded broadcast to reach the highest industry standard, which can process at the same time 8 channels of HD videos. The powerful performance of encoding, together with video-on-demand, special effect, station caption, subtitle, title and tail leader, enables HVS recorded broadcast mainframe to become the super brain in recorded broadcast. 
Second, attracting fans with its strength and being good-looking 
After breaking through the technical fortress, HVS promptly launches a series of products like the portable, normalized and quality recorded broadcast mainframe based on 3531A. 
Embedded structured normalized recorded broadcast mainframe  
Features: supporting teachers and students to make automatic tracking, with 4-camera automatic recorded broadcast. 
Embedded structured quality recorded broadcast mainframe 
Features: recorded broadcast, audio processing, tracking and interactive integrated design, supporting POC. 

Embedded structured portable recorded broadcast mainframe  
Features: multi-channel wireless video transmission function and battery, which is far more than 500 meters of transmission, is installed under spread footing, which is super portable. 
Third, high cost performance, high stability but not expensive 

Compared with the recorded broadcast based on X86, embedded recorded broadcast has fewer functional changes but high stability and relatively low cost. HVS adheres to provide products of high cost performance for education to advance the rapid development of educational informationization.

Fourth, excellent hardware and software, getting refined internally and externally, which is really good. 

HVS believes that recorded broadcast product is not just a set of equipment for users, but also an application to meet the needs of various education such as quality course recording, excellent course appraisal, teaching reflection, Internet-assisted teaching research, MOOC, flipped classroom, topic classroom, classroom inspection, teaching performance assessment, open classroom, to meet the requirement of Education Bureau on achieving quality education resource accumulation and educational resource equalization, to meet the requirements of school on the improvement of teaching quality, to meet the desire of parents on family-school communication. From this perspective, both the X86 structured and embedded structured recorded broadcast need to cooperate with corresponding platforms to achieve "clear recording, vivid listening and complete recording of classroom activities", realizing the users' business needs. 

Product concept of recorded broadcast "old hand" 

Recording splendid moments, seeding the future, HVS embedded recorded broadcast products have come!