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HVS engineering projection escort the big data urban management in Baiyun District, Guiyang

"Big data" is located and settled down in Baiyun District, Guiyang--once the famous aluminum industry base. Guiyang Baiyun block data command center will be officially put into use. The display system of block data center created by HVS engineering product team will achieve full success, which will lay further solid foundation for the "big data" management of future development, and build a more intelligent and efficient information processing means and operating platform, and advance the "industrial" Baiyun District into the national leading information age of "data dominant". 

The display system of "block data command center" in Baiyun District is the final link for the staff to obtain all kinds of information. Its functions and effects will directly affect the visual level of information and decision-making effect, and also affect the efficiency development of the entire management system. On the premise of satisfying customers' demands, the functions and performances of the system have reached the advanced level of the same grade of display systems. Combining exquisite craftsmanship, the whole system has a very high reliability in terms of service life, resolution ratio and brightness, etc. 

The demonstration hall of the command center is a circular space with a radius of about 9m and a height of about 6.9m. It can be divided into the main projection display area and the ground sand table projection. The whole large screen display system is composed of projection display sub-system, display control sub-system, user signal source system and related supporting equipment. 

NEC DLP laser display technology is used to build the whole large screen seamless display system, and three sets of NEC PH1202HL+ projectors use 23.5m*5m large screen as the main projection display system, and 23 sets of NEC P502WL+ projectors use ground projection display system, mainly playing specified videos or fixed promotional videos; the service life of NEC 3DLP laser engineering projector PH1202HL+ reaches 30,000 hours and the brightness totals 12,000 lumens. 
The central control system is used to control and manage the display system, achieving convenient system adjustment and expansion, and easy operation. It only needs to operate an Ipad to control all the above equipment. Matching other components can achieve more functional control. The user operation interface is friendly, and the operational process is simple. One can operate and use it by short-term training. 
According to the staff in "block data" command center: After the "block data" command center being put into operation, through the monitoring the large screen, it can be found whether there is roadside stall business somewhere in the streets, and if any, the nearest urban management officers are located to be dispatched to handle. This also fully demonstrates the infinite power of the whole display system, giving full play to the unique charm of big data! 
On this basis, Baiyun District block data command center will realize the unified dispatching and commanding of the ecological environment, city appearance, traffic order, comprehensive security and other work in the future, making it become a data-open, sharing and calling "intelligent hub" integrating dispatching and commanding, real-time monitoring and application display, promoting with great efforts the innovative use of big data of Baiyun District, and using big data as a guide to realize the urban transformation and upgrading of Baiyun District, Guiyang, and creating an innovative center city demonstration zone.