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Cisco (China) project, Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai) project, Liby headquarter project and other high-end intelligent audio-visual projects completed Focus on HVS Summer Projects (second half)

Today, the multimedia technology and related applications have become an effective means to ensure the economic optimization of enterprise management. Through this means, more fashion, technology and interactive charm can be integrated into the general application environment to enhance to the level of a totally new intelligent environment, so that each staff and visitor can also feel the distinctive humanization, the science and technology. 

As a result, the deployment of high-quality and reliable multimedia solutions has become the only choice for more and more enterprises, those having considerable enterprise advantages in the industry in particular, which also provides much space for excellent service providers in the field to display their skills to the full. As one of the representatives, HVS has provided intelligent audio-visual system solutions as needed for CISCO (China) Creative Technology Ltd, Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai), Guangzhou Liby Group headquarters and other industry leaders by the middle of this year, and has been recognized by enterprises above with high-quality capability of implementation. 

CISCO (China) exhibition hall project 

Recently, Cisco iShowroom exhibition hall constructed by HVS was officially finished. At the inaugurating ceremony, relevant leaders of Guangzhou and senior staff of CISCO (Greater China region) jointly visited the future life experience pavilion that were jointly built by the CISCO together with the major industry partners. 

Reception area

The iShowroom exhibition hall is a crystallization of Cisco based on the thinking of IoE (Internet of Everything) and IoT (Internet of Things). At the 1,200m2 exhibition hall, innovative achievements of forefront science and technology in smart office, home furnishing, transportation, manufacturing and other fields have been fully displayed. 


Among these, background music, information release, main speaker reinforcement, intelligent center control, 3D mosaic projection display equipment and solutions in all exhibition areas in iShowroom exhibition hall equipped by HVS play a reliable and supporting role. Through the HD signal of the media player, NEC P502HL+ laser projector will project the fusion signal onto the arc-shaped screen, and at the same time, a 70-inch HD television is equipped to broadcast pictures; As of voice frequency, 5.1 and 2.1 sound track amplifying systems are used according to different scenes. 5.1; All systems can easily finish center control, such as adjusting the projector, video playing, volume adjustment, etc., by an iPad or a wall control panel. 

Future area

With the efforts of HVS, iShowroom exhibition hall is fully displaying its unprecedented innovation charm in work, life, entertainment, learning and other aspects. Acclaimed by the visitors, at the same time, HVS will also, together with CISCO, make contribution to the construction of the new-type city. 

Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai) intelligent office system 

At the beginning of 2017, bids were called for the construction of office area of Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai). After strict selection and careful consideration, HVS, with more than ten years of accumulated reputation in the industry and being the only member of GPA (The Global Presence Alliance) in China and other strength, won the bidding. Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai) office environment is equipped with HVS alliance product CISCO video conference, AMX center control, and SHARP 90 LCD TV, reflecting the modern business trend. The ceiling-mounted MIC in the conference room is mixed with the decoration as one, which changes the bottleneck of the desktop circuit and facilitates the arrangement of tables and chairs in different conferences. In cafe house, we make full use of the building environment to equip with projection and television forms, enabling the ones who have a rest there to enjoy broadcasting information contents in multiple locations and angles. 

It is worth mentioning that: Although the design scheme has been decided before the call for bids, HVS was so familiar with it in the implementation process, including the world-leading voice frequency, center control conception, a number of new products of SHURE and EXTRON, as designed by itself, and was recognized by customers with its strong implementation capability. 
With the acceptance check in September, Swiss Re-insurance Company (Shanghai) and HVS, centering around function, interface, layout and other dimensions, set standards for the construction of office areas, and generalize the standards in other branches. Good reputation effect makes Beijing Swiss Re-insurance Company sign related project contracts with HVS. 

Intelligent meeting room in Liby headquarters 
In the daily chemical industry, Guangzhou Liby, as one of the Top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2017, has already occupied the leading position, and continues to build a modern enterprise with innovation, laying a solid foundation for the realization of goal of developing national daily chemical industry. 
In Guangzhou Liby Group headquarters, HVS provided cutting-edge and more efficient multimedia integration solutions for a total of 30 high-level and general meeting rooms. In the conference room, NEC laser projector, HVS recorded broadcaster, HVS media playback and other equipment acted by HVS hung together to form a reliable integration, providing excellent safeguard for the effect of the meeting. On this basis, HVS also equipped conference rooms with a desktop lifting display and BOSCH conference discussion system, and the sound-reinforcement system of simultaneous interpretation consists of CROWN, SHURE and CLEARONE, and the system center control can be achieved through an iPad, which greatly improve the space utilization and work efficiency. 
After more than 17 years of work in the field of integrated system, HVS, through thousands of intelligent audio-visual projects, has built reliable reputation in high-end enterprise market, establishing the leading position in the commercial audio-visual business. HVS not only enjoys a high reputation in scheme consultation and design, project management, installation and implementation in the intelligent audio-visual system, but also takes the leads among high-end intelligent commercial integrated industry in domestic China in debugging training and guarantee maintenance and other dimensions, and its comprehensive service ability is equal to the international advanced level. This powerful strength is the key for HVS to meet different needs in different industries.