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Scope of Service

    Business scope of the Company: specialist contracting; production of recording/broadcasting device, video exhibit platform and monitoring device, intelligent audio-visual system integration, large screen display system integration (limited to subsidiary); technical development, technical service, technical transfer and technical consulting of video and telephone conference system product, large screen display product, automatic control product, network communication product, audio product and computer software/hardware; contracting of computer control system, large screen splicing system, visual and telephone conference system, audio system and computer network system integration projects; computer system service; marketing of developed products, metallic and electric equipment, office supplies, machinery and electric equipment, computer/software and auxiliary equipment, electronic product; contracting of exhibition and display; information consulting; goods import/export; technology import/export; agency import/export. (No operation shall be operated for those businesses requiring approval according to law unless and until an approval is obtained from competent authorities.